Saturday, August 22, 2009

my fair lady

Helloooooooo Blogworld!
After months of contemplations and constant inspiration, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of so many bloggers (like Ez and Holly) that I admire and start my own blog to catalogue all of the interesting, fabulous, hilarious and unusual things I adore, and the adventures they bring me on.

So let's kick this blog off right, shall we?

Summer is winding down, so that means its Marshfield Fair time in my neck of the woods! Lots of cute farm animals, giant veggies, rickety rides, fried confections doused in cinnamon sugar-- what more could you ask for? My darling husband J and I went to the opening night last Friday and had a blast! Though, the ferris wheel was a lot scarier than I remembered... anyway, I thought I would stick with a summertime fair/carnival theme for my very first post. So grab some kettle corn and read on!

1. Balloons at the Fair, 2. Untitled, 3. Fried Dough, 4. fair fling
Here's some of my favorite fair flickr finds (say that 5 times fast!). For more fair porn, have a look over at the Meet me at the fair pool.

But we shouldn't have to wait for summer to enjoy all the things we love about the fair! No no darlings, we should enjoy the glittering lights and tasty treats year-round!

A fun, whimsical print is sure to bring back those summertime memories and perhaps, give you a major hankering for cotton candy. I'm loving this cheerful Beach Party print by photographer Cassia Beck (check out her amazing flickr stream), and how sweet is this Merry Go Round beauty, by graphic artist Melissa Nucera...

{don't you just love the colors and hint of lights in the sky? Simply beautiful. And at only $5, its quite the bargain! }

Or how about these adorable carnival note cards by Inkspot Workshop? These would make the cutest personal stationary and even cuter party invitations.

How fun would a fair or carnival themed party be? It would make for a unique baby shower or super fun child's birthday party. It could be as simple as hanging a few beautiful fabric buntings (this one made of vintage floral fabrics is *gorgeous*), and serving up some corn dogs 'n candy. OR you could go all out with face-painting, games, pony rides and perfectly coordinated banners, signs and cupcake toppers, made simply with this fantastic printable party package from Dimpleprints.

Better yet, how 'bout a fair/carnival themed wedding? Think about it: poster invitations, DIY buntings abound (if you haven't figured out already, I am mildly obsessed with buntings!), sweet gingham print duds, a carnival stand dessert buffet... *swoon* So many possibilities!

Well, I hope that you found my cherry-poppin' post to be inspiring, or at least make you crave those delightfully unhealthy fair foods! If you can't get to a fair this summer, treat yourself to some gourmet caramel apples {you're worth it}. Enjoy what is left of August and I'll be back with more goodies for ya next week!

Mrs. M


  1. o your post is making me lust for carnies!!!!! the funnel cake!!! the candied apples! the rides that make you question the existence of whether or not there's a god b/c you might possibly be on your way to meet him if this thing comes apart!!!!! *le sigh....

  2. glad you enjoyed it!
    I have to drive by the fair several times a day (its about 1 minute from my office) and its such a tease to see everyone with their fried dough and hot dogs... damn them! I may go back again this week, purely for the food.