Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello there!

Just poppin' in on this sunny Thursday to say "hi" and to give you a heads up on some changes that are going to be made 'round here. All good things, I assure you -- but you may have some WTF? moments while I test & tweak. Please bare with me while I remodel my little piece of Blogland :-)

Above is an inspiration board for my space here, that I made as a homework assignment for a fantastic blogging class I'm involved in, taught by Holly of decor8 & Leslie of A Creative Mint -- lovely ladies they are! The exercise really showed me which direction to take the ol' bloggy blog and I've got lots of fun stuff in the works! I hope you'll be along for the ride. x


  1. i LOVE making inspiration boards!!! I usually think they are better than any finished project. :o)

  2. it really was soooo much fun! especially since I had to break out the scissors & glue to make a non-digital one. I hope the final project(s) is/are ok too :-)

  3. the one on my blog page i used photoshop and i was so stressed and yelling at the computer and completely freaking out. I am totally with you on glue and scissors. I have a whole notebook of things i've cutout and kept to one day use for a massive inspiration board....or maybe lots of little ones.

    Are you going to concentrate on just the foods now? I still love your Etsy finds!

  4. Yay! I love watching your blog evolve. And now I totally want to go find some magazines to cut up.

  5. @ Ashley: fear not! my foodie-ness will be shining through but, I could *never* give up my Etsy Round-Up addiction! (actually I have my 2 fave Etsy artists' work in my collage.) I'll have some crafty projects & other pretty things, too. variety is the spice of life, yo :)

    and thanks Jaime! cutting up my precious mags was hard but, I'm happy with the end result.