Wednesday, May 12, 2010

viva terra summer lust

I am generally not one for [non-Etsy] wish lists of Things-that-I-want-but-don't-need from online retailers. Viva Terra has been the one exception for me, as I've been pining for their beautiful eco-conscious wares for several years now. Some of their products are a little on the pricey side... which is exactly why you wait for sales like these to pounce on long sought-after items. Because if its eco-friendly AND on sale, it is completely justifiable. Right. ;)

Here are a handful of things I've been lusting over. Bright or beachy, all of them are geared for summertime, and make me long for the picnics and barbecues that celebrate the season.



I can't get over that ingenious stacked lunch box. Not only is it practical but, its totally adorable and available in *both* of my favorite colors! It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!


  1. Really? I don't need more to lust over... ;-)

  2. Oh my...I NEED the stacked lunch box, the flowered enamelware, the glass drink dispenser, and and and....!

  3. I know-- I want it ALL!!!
    its times like these that I'm actually glad I don't have a credit card :)

  4. GAH! I'm with the rest of you ladies. Thank Tracy, Thank you for making my wish list longer.