Friday, November 13, 2009

shop o' the week: substance

Hello again and Happy Weekend to all!
Due to the overwhelming abundance of Etsy shops in my favorites list, I've decided to share one of them a week with ya'll -- because I think there are just too many talented Etsians to not share and promote their amazing work.

Bold and versatile. Left: 49 Square Miles wallet, Right: Thai silk on tee top.

For my very fist shop o' the week, I am beyond excited to share Substance with you. This Columbus-based boutique hocks their unique line of clothing and accessories in their Etsy shop and on their website, so you don't have to live in Ohio to catch a glimpse of this fabulousness.

They believe that "where there is style, there should also be substance" and they sure have plenty of both. Best of all, every season they donate a portion of their sales to a worthy non-profit organization... which makes a perfect excuse to splurge on one of their pieces ;-)

Bring it on, snow. Left: handwoven cotton scarf, Right: Moment boots.

Substance's handcrafted details and fantastic textures make winter staples like scarves and boots extra special. Can't you just see yourself bundled up in that beautiful scarf, trudging through the leaves and snow in those amazing boots? {As a side note: I have a love-hate relationship with boots which I think these Moment beauties have helped me overcome. GORGEOUS.}

Gorgeous & green. Left: Juniper heels, Right: Cairo top.

Fabulous fashion that is environmentally conscious? Yes, please! These lovely Juniper pumps are not only ergonomic (read: comfortable) and incredibly durable, but they are constructed with sustainable materials like veggie tanned leather and recycled foam. The romantic Cairo top is as feminine as it is earth-friendly, made with natural, sustainable fibers.

Simply stunning. Floral Fete gown, shown with Luxe wrap (left) and petal detailing (right).

File this one under: Why didn't I get this for my wedding?? This Floral Fete dress is so exquisite - without being too frou-frou girly - that I think it would make the perfect wedding dress for a woodland-loving, eco-friendly offbeat bride. I kind of wish I went to fancy parties and galas just so I could wear something as stunning as this. LOVE.

So go feast your eyes on all the conscious loveliness Substance has to offer. And have a great weekend!


Mrs. M

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