Monday, December 21, 2009

my peachy pink champagne birthday

Hello there darlings.

As a December baby that arrived only 3 days before Christmas, I've had a history of short-changed and seemingly over-looked birthday celebrations. I know, poor me. So, I'm throwing myself an imaginary bash right here in Blogland, and you're invited.

My peachy-pink champagne birthday
would look like..

{Martha's beautiful champagne & streamers; Leslie's gorgeous Moroccan glasses & rose petals}

...and smell like...

{Fresh-baked cookies and sweet sugar wafers}

...and taste like...

{Thorsten's scrumptious apricot cheesecake; a sweet sorbet-champagne cocktail}

...and sound like...

{ Britney and Gaga for dancin'}

...and feel like...

{Lighthearted and bubbly}

Between my nasty cold, the 1+ feet of snow and the general busy-ness of this week, this is probably as good as its gonna get. Cheers anyway!


Mrs. M


  1. Happy Birthday! This blogland bash isn't so bad. I like it here :) Btw, like you I'm a sucker for Real simple and Ikea.

  2. I love it! I want my wedding to look like that!

  3. thanks Owl Barn! and I'm glad you like Chickything -- a wedding like this would be pretty darn cool :)

  4. love this! May have to steal it, should i actually get my act together and have a classy 24th birthday soiree (who am i kidding, i'll be at my fave dive bar, hahah).

    ALL HAIL GAGA. i have "Telephone" stuck in my head right now...where it's been for days, along with pretty much every other song of hers, hahah.

  5. steal away my friend!
    I'm determined to have a birthday party like this... someday. sigh.