Tuesday, December 1, 2009

cupcake liner holiday projects

Hey darlings! Its December already -- can you even believe it?
I thought I'd share some interesting projects with ya'll today, all of which involve creative holiday uses for - you guessed it - cupcake liners. I love finding new uses for common objects, and I think these ideas are really neat and so creative! Not to mention, they're a cinch to make and most of the materials needed you probably already have around the house.

First up, I have Annie Schlechter's cupcake twinkle lights (found via decor8). Strand of lights? Check. Cupcake liners of your choosing? Check. Scissors? Check. Snip, slip and viola! A sweet strand of twinklers perfect for stringing across the mantle for the holidays -- but I think they'd be lovely at a birthday party, a shower or even an intimate wedding celebration, too. So pretty.

(image: Anne Schlechter)

Next up, is Sweet Paul's cupcake liner holiday tree. Don't have room for a tree this year? Fear not! This tree can go up just about anywhere and all you need are the liners, some double-sided tape and a glittery tid-bit for your topper. Simple instructions right here (and check out the rest of Paul's blog for a whole month of wonderful holiday crafts).

(image: Alexandra Grablewski)

And last - but certainly not least - we have the fantastic cupcake liner garland from Project Wedding (featured in a recent Sunday Suppers post). This beauty is made with the liners - some tea-stained and others left as is - and vintage fabric scraps but, you could use just about anything (this version in Green Craft magazine uses coffee filters, old sheet music and book pages as well -- your materials are only limited by your imagination). No matter what you're using, I think these garlands would be right at home strung around doorways, above windows or even around your tree. Get the how-to right here.

(images: Karen Mordechai)

Who knew these delicate little paper cups could make such fun holiday decorations? Cupcake liners: not just for sweet treats anymore!

Mrs. M


  1. Came across your blog via Decor8, you have some very pretty stuff on here, so I decided to become a follower.

    All things nice...

  2. thank you so much All things nice! it truly means a lot :)

  3. I absolutely love these ideas, especially the lights are adorable. Happy holiday preparations!

  4. thanks Tiina! I hope you have fun preparing for the holidays as well, baking all your wonderful treats :)