Wednesday, December 9, 2009

pretty papers, pretty ribbons of blue

Hello darlings.

Today I felt like putting a wee collection of pretty blue-hued images together that remind me of my favorite things this time of year, like...

...shimmering lights...

{Sweet Paul's simple chestnut how-to, photo by Studio Dreyer Hensley}

{Ez's gorgeous You're Dazzling My Deer print, from her Wren & Chickadee shop}

...sweet comforts...

{Christmas cookies from Ez's inspiring Flickr stream}

{Aran's beautiful & mouth-watering churros with chocolate bisque}

...cheerful crafting...

{one of Leslie's lovely vignettes of ribbon & wooden buttons}

{Martha's pretty stiffened doily snowflakes}

...and celebrating tradition.

{Martha's unique manzanita branch Menorah}

{one of Country Living's easy snowflake crafts, the beaded tree topper}

These beautiful holiday blues just put me in the right mood. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Mrs. M


  1. These pictures are lovely! I love the blue ribbon and the paper ornaments on the window.

  2. thes colours are so soft and beautiful ! very inspiring ... thank you

  3. thank you My Owl Barn & Flowing Moments!