Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oh, schadenfreude: STFU Parents

I'm a sucker for schadenfreude, maybe because I just like to say the word "schadenfreude", but mostly because I do enjoy to see others suffer due to their own stupidity. So, you can imagine why I looooooove STFU Parents.

For those that don't catch on quickly (like myself), STFU is an acronym for 'shut the eff up' and its more than a fitting title. Readers submit screen shots from so-called Facebook "friends" and Tweeters who have a habit of over-sharing intimate (read: disturbing & disgusting) details about their children and the joys of parenting.

Author B provides hilarious commentary on everything from myriads of poop-related updates, to creative placenta consumption, to moms publicly outing their daughters' first periods-- yikes! OH and the pictures! DEAR GOD! There really is no need to share photos of your just-birthed undercarriage or your newborn's scrotum with 300 acquaintances (fear not, they're edited). Parent or not, its just wrong. The worst part being, they are openly sharing these lovely tid-bits with their high school friends, co-workers, relatives and acquaintances. What has internet social networking come to???

Do you have a Facebook "friends" like this? Become a fan of STFU Parents or submit your screenshots if you dare.

So let this be a lesson to you: love and share about your kids but, please, PLEASE - think about your unsuspecting audience and resist the temptation to post stuff like this! {or become fair game for STFU!}

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