Wednesday, September 23, 2009

shades of fall: golden amber

Hello again darlings!

I'm in the process of updating my "big girl" wardrobe with some fabulous fall pieces but, I'm kind of sick of the same old ubiquitous browns and oranges. Don't get me wrong-- I love a beautiful chocolate brown but, I want to shake things up a bit with some bold color. Personally, I *love* rich jewel tones for autumn so, I'm gonna share some of my favorite finds with you in the seasonal shades I adore.

Warm yellows definitely remind me of fall-- I always think of golden chrysanthemums, which seem to be everywhere right now. These hues can vary greatly, from bright mustards and goldenrods to deeper shades of honey and amber. Here are some gorgeous golden-amber Etsy finds to inspire you....


Clockwise from top left:

*Hollywood Luxe earrings in Mandarin by Kristin Friesen

*amber ring by Nur Cirakoglu

*Cider necklace by that jewelry girl

*Little Beauties citrine earrings by Distinction Jewelry


Clockwise from top left:

*Eco Toes in Golden Yellow by infusion

*Golden winter scarf by Kiamichi 7

*Migratory belt buckle by Flight Path Designs

*3 pocket leather wallet by the Fig Leaf


Clockwise from top left:

*Rococo shawl by Tickled Pink Knits

*Mustard silk dress by forEvaMore

*Schoolbus cardigan by red boots design

*organic Autumn fern tunic by purusha people

So what do you think?

I especially love the natural motifs - like the leaf prints and migrating birds - plus the school reference and warm knits.... if these things don't say "fall", I don't know what does!



Mrs. M