Thursday, October 22, 2009

gimme more: Geninne

Hey there darlings!

Back today to share some loveliness from artist Geninne Zlatkis with you. The work in her amazing Etsy shop caught my eye ages ago and has been nestled safely in my favorites pages for at least a year. I'm thinkin' its finally time to make a purchase.

Clockwise from top left: White Bird; Don Matias; Three little birds; Lovebirds.

I adore this exquisite Collection.

From Geninne's Collage Birds series, clockwise from top left: No. 8; No. 31; No. 5; No. 15.

I'm a sucker for bird prints and watercolors, and Geninne takes them both to a whole new level. I especially love the white ink detailing-- and she even shows you how to achieve this look in her fabulous blog! I recently discovered this gem of a blog and I am totally impressed- so much wonderful stuff! Between her hand-carved stamp tutorials, how-to painting videos and glimpses of her gorgeous Mexican home and studio, I am completely inspired.

You bet your behind that I'm gonna try my hand at those stamps to create some amazing wrapping paper and personalized stationary this holiday season-- such great ideas! I highly suggest checking out her blog, shop and Flickr photostream if you're in the need of some inspiration.

Mrs. M

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