Wednesday, October 14, 2009

over the river & through the woods

After a cold and rainy (but fun!) weekend in the Catskill Mountains, I'm on a sort of vintage-camping kick. So, I've rounded up some tried and true camping gear with lots of vintage goodies included. Let's dive right in, shall we?

First things first: you need the proper supplies. Camping is never enjoyable when you're cold, hungry and uncomfortable (as I have learned the hard way many many times).

*You need a place to rest your derriere after being on your feet all day. This retro folding camp chair by Trampoline would be perfect for just that and would travel with ease.

*You can't hit the trails on an empty stomach. Bring along a mess kit, like this vintage Boy Scout version by Thrill of the Hunt, for easy fireside cookin'. I love that it includes several pieces that all neatly store together, so packing is a snap.

*Of course, you're going to need plenty of water as well. Bring some along in a kitchy old school tank thermos like this beauty from Happy-Go-Vintage. Its a necessity so it may as well be cute, right?

*If the weather is nicer than it was on my camping trip, you may want to have lunch right in the midst of nature's beauty. What better way to do that than with a a cozy picnic blanket like this one by Sewn Natural. The great thing about this particular blanket is that the fabrics are all natural and it comes with a button strap for easy transporting.

Next: you're gonna need some warm and layer-able duds for the occasion, especially if you're camping this fall season.

*You can't go wrong with a cute woodland t-shirt, especially when its this organic cottage lovely by MaryInk. It would be perfect to wear on a day hike and good for layering under sweatshirts for warmth when the sun starts to set.

*Speaking of warmth, one of the easiest ways to keep warm is to cover your noggin with something thick and cozy, a la this woolly helm hood/neck guard by Knittles. Great for keeping your neck nice 'n toasty, or for protecting your whole melon from cool autumn nights.

*Ya gotta accessorize right? Bring along this fun Happy Camper tote by Squid Ink Kollective for all your camping odds 'n ends (or the items featured below!).

Finally: you want to fully enjoy and remember your camping experiences with style!

*Want to take a closer look at that goldfinch? Bring some pocket binoculars like this 40's-era red leather pair from King Dog Vintage. Extremely portable and oh-so-fabulous.

*Are you sure that's a goldfinch? Tote along a field guide or two, as in this vintage field guide set by Bettyninja Finds, to get acquainted with your natural surroundings.

*Now that you know what you're looking at, you'll want to snap some photos with this nifty vintage Semi-Leotax camera from Canemah Studios. Just the thing for a camping scrapbook with an old-fashioned touch.

*You'll want to chronicle your outdoor adventures and maybe sketch a few forest dwellers in a beautiful letterpress journal, like this one from Old School Stationers. Perhaps you could jot a note to a friend in one of their retro camping themed cards, too. (I *love* this one!)

Well, there you have it. Just looking over it all, I'm itching to go camping again...
but I think I'll wait until spring.

Mrs. M

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