Thursday, October 8, 2009

horror movie round-up numero uno

Inspired by Ashley's Halloween movie marathon this month, we've been trying to watch at least one horror movie a night. My husband got me into horror flicks when we first started dating (we saw Red Dragon on our first date) and I've been hooked ever since. So this was basically an excuse for us to beef up our ever growing collection of horror films and re-watch our faves for the billionth time.

In honor of our camping trip to upstate New York this weekend, I've compiled a scary movie round-up themed around our travels, just 'cause I'm nerdy like that. Without further ado...

Horror Movie Round-Up #1:
Camping & Road Trips Gone Awry

Left: Shelley takes on the bikers, Right: Jason puts the squeeze on poor Rick.

*Friday the 13th, Part III (1982). Chris, Debbie and the gang are just looking to do some relaxing at the famed Crystal Lake and move past Chris' encounter with some disfigured freak in the woods there a few years earlier. Hilarity ensues when they all end up eating weed thinking they're being pulled over en route to the cabin, and when our friend Shelley has an unpleasant exchange with the local biker gang (which, by the way, has the best gang member names EVER). But alas, the disfigured freak returns and it is, of course, Jason Vorhees seeking his murderous revenge.
This is definitely one of my favorites in the Friday the 13th series and always good for an unintended laugh but, what makes this movie truly great is the amazing disco theme music. Now THAT'S something I can shake my ass to!

A promoter of green living, Leatherface finds alternative uses for his power tools.

*the Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). Sally and her brother Franklin, along with some friends, are taking a road trip to check out their grandparent's graves and their family's old homestead out in the boondocks. Not long after they start poking around the old place do they run into the cannibalistic arts 'n crafts projects of Leatherface-- so named for his mask made up of his victims' faces (rustic sewing + upcycled material = tre chic!). Sally ends up the lone survivor of this road trip from hell but, not before she can meet the other members of Leatherface's wonderful family while they feast on her friends.

This movie never fails to creep me out. There's just something about meat hooks and yellowed 70's films that is naturally eerie. I also like the 2003 remake but, mostly because Gunny is in it.

Left: Ash gets a helping hand, Right: Pre-CGI Raimi special effects.

*the Evil Dead (1981). Ash, Scotty and the girls head to a rural cabin for a weekend of fun when they unwillingly discover the illustrious Book of the Dead among their cabin's contents. After playing a recording of demonic chanting from the book, they awaken the so-called Evil Dead and its all downhill from there. Poor Cheryl is sexually assaulted by woodland vegetation and one by one the group of friends becomes possessed by the spirits they have reanimated. Ash emerges the lone survivor and goes on to star in some hilarious, if not random, sequels.

This Sam Raimi classic is near and dear to my heart, not just because of the crude special effects but, the pure creativity. I mean, how many other movies have a tree rape scene in them? Brilliant.

The Fuller fam and Seth Gecko whoop some vampire ass.

*From Dusk 'Til Dawn (1996). Ex-minister Jacob is RVing in Texas with his two teens when they cross paths with the criminal fugitive Gecko brothers at a motel, and are taken hostage. The two parties cooperate and successfully cross the Mexican border, only to end up at a grungy strip club-- run by vampires. They join forces to battle against the undead but, only two of them survive the night.

This is one of my favorite movies period, which surprises even me because it has George Clooney AND vampires in it, and it doesn't suck! But with a cast that includes Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, Cheech Marin and Danny Trejo, how can you go wrong?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my round-up! And I also hope that we don't run into any tool-wielding psychotics, sexually predaceous trees or vampire tramps during our weekend.... but, hey, you never know at Harvest Fest.

Do have a fabulous weekend! {And do something fun on Monday if you're lucky enough to get the day off!}


Mrs. M

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