Wednesday, October 28, 2009

diy: graveyard pudding cups

Hello friends!

My posting has been a bit light lately for a bunch of reasons you don't care about, BUT I'm back today to share one of my favorite Halloween treats with you: graveyard pudding cups!

(all images: moi)
These are a family favorite-- my mom used to make them for school Halloween parties way back when and they were always a hit. I revived the tradition a few years ago when I made them for my husband, and he now insists on them every Halloween.

They are unbelievably simple to make so, this would be a perfect last-minute treat to whip together on or before Saturday.

You will need:
  • 1 box of instant chocolate pudding mix

  • roughly 1/2 package of Oreo or chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed

  • Milano cookies

  • 1 tube/pouch store bought decorating icing, in brown or black (feel free to use homemade icing if you wish, I'm just lazy :P)

  • Mallowcreme pumpkin candies (optional)

  • gummi worms (optional)
{makes about 4 large pudding cups}

First, prepare the pudding as directed, let set for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, arrange a few Milano cookies on a plate or other flat surface and use the icing to decorate your tombstones. I went with the classic 'RIP' but if you have a finer icing tip, get as creative as you want. Allow the icing time to set.

While the the icing is setting, gently mix about half of your crushed Oreos into the chocolate pudding. Line the bottom of your cups or dishes with gummi worms if you're using them, and then layer the pudding mixture on top. Do not fill completely as you'll need room for the "dirt".

Top the pudding with the remaining crushed cookie "dirt". Carefully add your Milano cookie tombstones and pumpkins as desired, and VIOLA!

These would be great for a Halloween party (you could put guests' names on the tombstones for extra fun) and its easy enough for little ones to make as well. My only suggestion would be that you do NOT make this too far in advance (I'd say a few hours before you plan to eat them, tops) otherwise the cookies loose their crunch and get all mushy.

I bet you could even put a twist on this and make it as classic trifle (using crumbled cake or toffee bits for the "dirt") and add a few whipped cream ghosts... next year!

Well, I hope you enjoy! Have a safe & happy Halloween!


Mrs. M

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