Wednesday, January 27, 2010

scrap paper fun: part one

I've been itching to do something creative lately but, I wanted to use up the materials leftover from other crafting endeavors before I go spending more money at Michael's. So, I decided that some scrap paper projects were in order.

Inspired by Martha's scrap paper notebooks and by this recent grocery planner project over at Design*Sponge, I tried to find uses for some scrapbooking papers that I bought for an album last year that never materialized.

First, I gave my beat-up RS planner a fun tree print lining to bring it back to life, and then I covered a plain clipboard with a cute strawberry print to use as my own grocery/meal planner. (Maybe it will inspire me to add some more fruit to my shopping list? I hope so!)

I also needed a notebook for BYW class but, didn't really have the money to buy a nice hardcover one . So what's a crafty-but-cash-strapped girl to do? Make one! (Or three!)

My mom loved my DIY notebook so much, she requested one for herself-- for grocery lists, messages and such. I made her two mini notebooks with some cool purple hydrangea paper (below) while I was at it.

The only materials I used: various papers, spray adhesive/glue, scissors, a hole punch and some jute twine (all of which I had around the house). All of these little projects were super simple and not at all time consuming -- the total time it took me to complete all of them was less than an hour (plus a little drying time). A piece of cake with a big visual impact. Funny how lovely prints cheer up the most mundane things, huh?

I'm already looking around my office for more things I can cover in pretty prints, and seeking out other fun scrap paper projects... leave me a comment with any links, projects or ideas!

And stay tuned for Part Two ;)



  1. What a great way to spruce up other wise boring items! Such a good idea! Have you seen Teesha Moore's art journals? She has video tutorials on you tube that you can access through her site
    She's really inspired me to do some projects!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! Besides being in the BYW class together, I think we have a lot of things in common....I just moved to Falmouth, MA (I don't think so far from you?) and I see in your "about me" section that you are a newly wed! Me too! So its nice to "meet" you!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by! Nice to "meet" you too! Yeah, Falmouth isn't far from Plymouth at all. I was excited to see some others in BYW from around New England!

    Thanks so much for the link-- her work is neat and giving me some great ideas!

  3. Hi Tracy, I'm another BYW classmate. Love the notebooks you made, especially the little lavender one.
    I also have a degree in Anthropology and also studied Art History for 10 years. Isn't it nice to get to know one another?


  4. hej tracy,
    little hello from ines...also student in the BYW-class...;)...great job to make it by yourself...i had an old one...get back for a special moment...;) see you in class and a lovley weekend...cheers ines

  5. These look great! Thanks for sharing.

  6. thank you Gina, Ines & Penny! I love having visitors from BYW, I'm enjoying it so much!