Thursday, March 25, 2010

MS baking printables

Martha, Martha, Martha.
I know there are wide-ranging opinions on the reigning Queen of Domestic Goddesses and personally, I fall somewhere in the middle. I think that some of her projects are completely and utterly frivolous. I mean, did you see all those glitter crafts?! There's even a whole section devoted exclusively to using the "herpes of crafting". I know she's trying to promote her new glitter line but, who wants to paint a portrait of their cat in glitter? Seriously?

Fortunately, Martha and her amazing team of crafty mavens are also responsible for some truly fantastic recipes (check out the Light General Tso's chicken under 'recipe recommendations' ovah there yonder ----> ), brilliant ideas and helpful tidbits, like these *free* baking printables.

In addition to being super cute, these printables pull their weight around the kitchen, making those pesky measurement conversions and search for baking temperatures a snap. You can print out and laminate them for safe keeping in your recipe stash, or convert them into refrigerator magnets for a reference that's easily accessible. The perfect cheat sheets for manic bakers like myself.

You can find instructions and downloadable templates here:

*pie chart

*cook's helpers (there are 3: measuring equivalents, pan substitutions & candy-making temperatures)

I feel my self-imposed Baking Ban may have to be lifted sooner rather than later. x

{images: Martha Stewart}


  1. Um, wow, I'm sort of a crazy cat lady but that glitter cat is... terrifying.

    But I kind of like that template for the measuring equivalents. Martha is strange and confusing - I can't decide whether to love or hate her.

  2. that's why I'm on the fence about Martha. I have cooked SO many delicious meals and made some really cool crafts because of her & her staff, and I love her mags for the most part... but then things like kitty glitter paintings leave me scratching my head.

    I'm a crazy cat lady too but, I would never EVER paint a portrait of him, and especially NOT in glitter!

  3. but did you see the Green Glittered SKULLS!?!?!?!?!?! Those are fantastic!

  4. well that's cause skulls are just cool :)

  5. Ha ha, I spent hours glittering skulls and pumpkins for my wedding. Thank you very much.

  6. i guess you haven't seen THIS yet:

    ...and yeah, i almost bought one of a wizard for Griff to take to work. If i weren't being so stingy with money at the moment.....

  7. don't get me wrong: there is a time and place for glitter. that cat portrait just scares me. A LOT.

    @ Ashley: oh, dear. my eyes... they're... burning. :P