Tuesday, March 16, 2010

springin' ahead

Though it may not feel like it around my neck of the woods, spring is almost here. Before I know it, all those bulb flowers will be blooming in soft pastel hues, the forsythias will come alive with buds as bright as sunshine... and the dreaded barrage of pollen will be covering unsuspecting victims in a horrid yellow-green film and irritating sinuses everywhere. Ahh, spring.

All kidding aside, I am really looking forward to warmer days, extra hours of daylight and the influx of wonderful warm-weather produce into local markets. Part of my New Year's goal was to experiment with new-to-me ingredients and to eat more seasonally so, I've finally got some new items to work with. Not that citrus fruits and squashes aren't great, I'm just ready for something different. Peas and mushrooms and strawberries, oh my!

I found this nifty printable mini spring produce chart which, is a great little resource that fits right into your wallet or pocket, perfect for those fruitless (pun somewhat intended) trips to the grocery store. To see what's growing near you during any time of the year, try the NRDC's Eat Local gadget (try it, its fun!). Eating seasonally and locally is not only more sustainable but, you end up with the freshest produce possible. Its a win-win really.

So what spring goodies are you most looking forward to? x


  1. I'm looking forward to walking around the market without a winter coat. A nice Spring breeze floating through the windows. Buying fresh eggs from our favorite egg vendor. So many things to look foward too. :)